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Arizona Offices:
10575 North 114th Street, #103
Scottsdale, Arizona 85259
Tel: (480) 286-7144
Fax: (615) 807-4877
Email Usinfo@arizonamusiclaw.com

Nashville Offices:
Tel: (615) 686-0286
Fax: (615) 807-4877
Email Usm@wsefirm.com

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Traditional Entertainment Services:

Entertainment Law - Legal Issues related to Entertainers and Service Professionals, Intellectual Property, Copyrights, Trademarks, Performance Royalties, Royalty Audits, Valuation.

Film & Television - Contracts, Distribution Agreements (Foreign & Domestic), Film Finance, Business Formation, Licensing.

Securities - Private Placements, Regulation D, Section 504/505/506, Intrastate Exemptions.

Music Law - Recording Agreements, Publishing Companies, Merchandising, Music Licensing (e.g. Synch Licenses, Master Licenses), Producer Agreements, Recording House Agreements.

Internet/E-Commerce - Domain Name Acquisitions and Disputes, Piracy, Dilution, Infringement, Trade Secrets, Employment-related uses of the Digial World.

Software/Technology - Inbound and outbound software licenses, SaaS/Cloud-Based Agreements, reseller agreements, Data & Distribution agreements, Cloud & Web Service agreements, EULA, Terms of Use, Privacy & Security Policies, GDPR Agreements.

Cybersecurity - Computer Fraud, Cybercrime, Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Publishing Law - Author's Rights, Electronic Rights, Publishing Contracts, Distribution Agreements, Rights of Privacy, Defamation.

Churches & Houses of Worship - Worship Team Staff & Contractors, CCLI and Related Licensing Uses, Employees/Staff, Non-Profit and Intellectual Property Considerations, Employment Considerations.

Media Law - Including Broadcaster's Rights, Radio Personalities, Likeness Rights, Rights of Privacy, and Rights of Publicity.

Business Planning - Corporations, S-Corporations, LLCs, LLPs, Hybrid Companies, Non-Profit.

Bankruptcy Law - Chapter 7 Liquidations; Chapter 13 Consumer Reorganizations; Chapter 11 Reorganizations.

Employment Law - Employment Handbooks, Hiring, Termination, EEOC, and other Employmen-related Matters.


What is Entertainment Law:

Entertainment Law is a specialty of law that deals with the services and products of entertainment-related professionals. Entertainment Law involves more than just actors, recording contracts, and films ... It actively involves the assessment and prediction of all types of entertainers as they daily carry out their business practices.

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